Middle School Education in LaPorte

Middle school is a time of transition where children become teenagers. It can be an experience of growth and independence, but also one of uncertainty and loneliness. So many adolescent changes unfold in middle school.

This month's Discussion Over Dinner is about middle school education in LaPorte, Indiana. Among many other things, we talked about the experience of middle schoolers in LaPorte and how it has changed over the last few years and the new middle/intermediate school in LaPorte.

Joining our panel this month is:

  • Deb Carter: Principal of Boston Middle School

  • Susy Lenig: Counselor at Boston Middle School

  • Sarah Pessmeg: Counselor at Boston Middle School

Discussion Over Dinner is a monthly community conversation hosted and underwritten by State Street Community Church and the Pax Center. All are welcome to attend. It is our belief that better conversations foster better community.